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Full Service Vending

Your Associates Want It. Do It Right.

Conventient, reliable service that benefits your organization.

You can't concentrate when you're hungry. No one can be effective at work when they're distracted by their appetite. Treat America to the rescue!!!

Treat America's Vending Division provides professional, full-line refreshment service to organizations across the country.

It's high-quality service you and your associates can depend on.

A TAFS vending program is a reliable, hassle-free way to satisfy your employees when they want a snack or a quick meal. We offer quality, name-brand snacks, fresh, wholesome sandwiches and dairy products, a wide assortment of refreshing beverages and a variety of nutritionally sensitive selections, including freshly prepared salads for healthier choices.

Treat America is more than just snacks and drinks. We're a complete food-service provider with the expertise, resources and skilled personnel necessary to make your vending operation run smoothly day after day.